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MassTaxConnect is DOR's online way to file and pay taxes. This page will connect you to helpful pages, FAQs, and videos.

Updated: July 5, 2024

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Do you have a question? Ask Max!

When using MassTaxConnect, you can use Max to help find answers to your questions. Max, however, can’t answer questions that are specific to your tax account.

How do you ask Max a question?

Click on Max’s icon. You can find the icon on the top right-hand side of all MassTaxConnect pages.

MassTaxConnect home page image of Max icon

In the Type your message... section:

  1. Type in your general question and
  2. Click on the blue arrow to send to Max.
MTC Max - Type your message screen

To ask a question about your account, log in to MassTaxConnect and send DOR a secure e-message.

For more resources and help, visit Contact DOR.

New Users (login, username, password & more)

Are you new to MassTaxConnect? 

To get started, visit:

Filing Returns & Making Payments

Individuals/Personal Income

Fillable forms are no longer an option.

Full-year residents who have filed a Massachusetts return in the past can file on MassTaxConnect.

Visit the E-file and Pay page for more information.

Use MassTaxConnect to Check the status of your tax refund after you file.

Need to register with MassTaxConnect?

To get started, visit MassTaxConnect registration for individual filers.

Estimated Tax

Individuals and fiduciaries can make estimated tax payments with MassTaxConnect.

Visit DOR Personal Income and Fiduciary estimated tax payments, for more information.

Do more with MassTaxConnect

With MassTaxConnect you can:



If you're responsible for the estate of someone who died, you may need to file an estate tax return.

For more information, visit:

Third Party Access

A Power of Attorney, Form M-2848, does not give access to a taxpayer’s accounts on MassTaxConnect.

Third party access is your best option. 

For more information, visit: 

Appeal/Abatement & Amended Requests

You can file an appeal or abatement if you disagree with DOR about the amount of tax or penalties you owe.

Go to File an Appeal or Abatement FAQs for more information.

You can file an amended return if you have already filed a return and need to report:

  • An error
  • Information left out or
  • Update.

An amended return may increase or decrease the amount of tax that you owe.

Go to  Amend a MA Individual or Business Tax Return for more information.

Payment Agreement

There are 2 ways you can set up a payment agreement.

If you owe $5,000 or less

Online with MassTaxConnect 

  • When registered on MassTaxConnect select More, and
  • Choose Request a Payment Plan in the Collection Notices section.

Do you need to register with MassTaxConnect?

  • Go to the MassTaxConnect homepage
  • On the upper right-hand side, click on Sign Up or
  • Under Quick Links, choose Register a New Taxpayer.


  • Call the DOR Contact Center at (617) 887-6367.

If you owe more than $5,000


  • Call DOR Collections at (617) 887-6400.

You may need to submit a financial application package (Form 433I) if you owe more than $5,000.

For more information, visit:

Health Insurance Responsibility Disclosure (HIRD)

Employers need to report HIRD every year. The HIRD reporting period:

  • Begins on November 15 of the filing year and
  • Ends on December 15 of the filing year.

Visit the HIRD FAQs page for more information.

Paid Family & Medical Leave (PFML)

DOR collects PFML contributions.

These PFML actions must be done on MassTaxConnect:

  • Account registrations
  • Exemption requests
  • Payments.

Visit DOR's PFML page for more information.

MassTaxConnect Tax Listing

You can use MassTaxConnect to file and pay:

  • 63D Entity Level Tax (January 2021 and after)
  • Abandoned Bottle Deposit
  • Alcoholic Beverages Excise
  • Aviation Gasoline Tax
  • Centralized Federal Partnership Audit Report (January 2018 and after)
  • Cigarette License and Tax
  • Cigars License and Tax
  • Club Alcohol Excise
  • Corporate Combined Excise (pay only)
  • Corporate Excise
  • Electronic Nicotine Delivery System License and Tax (Vaping)
  • Estate Tax
  • Fiduciary Income Tax
  • Financial Institution Excise
  • Gasoline Fuel License and Tax
  • Individual Use Tax
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
  • Jet Fuel License and Tax
  • Life Insurance Excise
  • Lottery Annuity Withholding
  • Marijuana Retail Taxes
  • Meals, Food & Beverage Tax
  • Motor Vehicle Sales (Form ST-7R)
  • Nonresident Composite
  • Non-Profit Tax
  • Non-Stamped Cigarette Tax (Personal Use)
  • Ocean Marine Insurance Tax
  • Oil Spill Fee
  • Out-of-State Contractor
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML)
  • Parking Facilities Surcharge
  • Partnership 
  • Pass-Through Entity Withholding
  • Pension Withholding
  • Performer Withholding
  • P&C - PPO Insurance Excise
  • Personal Income Tax (guidelines)
  • Personal Use Tax
  • Room Occupancy Consolidated (July 2019 and after)
  • Room Occupancy Tax (June 2019 and prior)
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Satellite Service Tax
  • Sales Tax on Telecommunications Services
  • Sight Seeing Tours Surcharge
  • Smoking Tobacco Tax
  • Special Fuels License and Tax
  • Underground Storage Tank Delivery Fee
  • Urban Redevelopment Excise
  • Use Tax (Business)
  • Vehicular Rental Surcharge
  • Withholding Tax

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