Integrating oral health into primary care settings

Oral Health is an essential part of overall health.

Table of Contents

Ask & Assess: Adding a dental screening and risk assessment in a non-dental environment

Act: Oral health interventions to consider

Oral Fluoride Supplementation – Depending on Community Water Fluoridation Status 

Topical Fluoride Varnish 

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)  

Connecting patients with a dental home 

  • Best Practice Tip to Consider – Use these resources to create a referral order process that ensures follow-up and potential care coordination assistance to connect the patient with a dental home.  Minimally, create a list of nearby providers with their contact information.     

Document: Closing the loop

  • Best Practice Tip to Consider – Treat dental referrals like other types of general referrals.  Establish a prioritization process by need with a documented process for urgent care situations.  Create a process for referral follow-up and management within your team’s workflows. 

Background Information and references regarding oral health integration with primary care

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