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Jesse McKie

Jan 12, 1969 - Jan 25, 1990

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Jesse McKie

Son of Garden of Peace Sculptor, Judy Kensley McKie

Jesse McKie was a talented artist, performer and musician. He was a graceful athlete and a real good dancer. Jesse had a unique sense of humor and a pile of friends of all colors. In his first year at Emerson College he was the host of a popular rap music program. He was devoted to urban culture. And fly fishing.

On January 25th, 1990, a few days after his 21st birthday, Jesse was walking home from a friend’s house in Cambridge. He was surrounded by six young men. They demanded his leather jacket. He gave it to them. Then they kicked, beat, and stabbed him to death.

Three of his assailants are serving life sentences. Another was convicted as an accessory and served a short sentence. The fifth person testified for the prosecution. The sixth attacker was acquitted. Also serving life sentences: Jesse’s parents, relatives and friends.