Junk vehicles

If you want to junk or scrap a vehicle, you must surrender its Certificate of Title or other ownership documents to ensure that it is not registered or titled again.

According to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90D §20E, anyone who takes possession of a vehicle for the purpose of junking or scrapping, must surrender the vehicle's Certificate of Title, Salvage Title, or any other document used as proof of ownership to the Registry of Motor Vehicles for cancellation within 10 days of receiving the vehicle. The record pertaining to a scrapped or junked vehicle is labeled "JUNK" in the RMV system and can never be titled or registered again in the Commonwealth.

For states that exempt certain motor vehicles from titling requirements because of age, a copy of the last vehicle registration will be considered proof of ownership.

Along with the Certificate of Title, Salvage Title or last registration for exempt vehicles, a completed Junking or Scrapping a Motor Vehicle Form must be submitted to the RMV. Instead of the Junking or Scrapping a Motor Vehicle Form, the salvager or recycler can stamp the bottom, left-hand corner of the Title, Salvage Title, or registration for exempt vehicles. The stamp should contain the word "JUNKED" followed by the name of the salvager or recycler, and the printed name and signature of the authorized agent and date.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must remain attached to any vehicle upon its destruction. Any vehicle for which a Title has been surrendered for junk cannot be re-titled or registered to operate.

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