Just Ask! Salary Negotiation Workshops

Supporting equal pay in Massachusetts

In support of the implementation of the Equal Pay Act, MCSW is partnering with the Treasurer's Office and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) along with MA Community Colleges to support Just Ask! salary negotiation workshops and facilitator trainings.

Women are typically paid about 80% of their male counterpart's earnings. These workshops help to empower women to ask for the salaries and the benefits they deserve throughout their careers. Facilitators help lead these workshops and support women in their communities.

To sign up to become trained as a facilitator, register for a free webinar via this link: https://salary.aauw.org/ma/

To attend a free salary negotiation workshop later this year, you may register your contact information (at the bottom of the page) and be notified of upcoming workshops in your area: https://salary.aauw.org/ma/

For general questions on this program, please email: salary@aauw.org



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