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Korey Grant

May 25, 1975 - Apr 20, 1991

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What I Want To Do With My Life
Written By: Korey D. Hall-Grant

I want to finish High School. Hopefully in '93, then I'm going to take a year off of school and work and see if I want to go to attend college full-time. I want to save some money, so I can buy a car to commute back and forth to work. I am considering going to Northeastern University because I can go for free, due to my Mom working there. So therefore, it wouldn't be hard on my mother to put me through college. When I do attend college I would like to study both Law and Business. I would like to become a Boston Police Officer and the Business courses would help me manage my money better. After a year and a half on the Boston Police Force, I will settle down marry and have two children. I will probably live somewhere near my mom, so if she needs me for anything I will be there for her at anytime.