Layout and easement plans CAD Standards

Follow CAD Standards for state highway layout and easement plans.

You must follow the MassDOT CAD Standards for:

  • The preparation, alteration, discontinuance, or abandonment of state highway layouts.
  • Sale or lease of MassDOT owned land.
  • Drainage takings.
  • Easements associated with MassDOT roadways.

MassDOT Projects related to city and town roadways may also require layout and easement plans to follow MassDOT Standards

See the Layout/Easement Plan Participation Guidelines linked below.

Information for Consultants and Planners

Consultants preparing layout or easement plans for MassDOT projects must:

  • Follow MassDOT CAD Standards
    • As a supplement to the MassDOT Project Development and Design Guide Chapter 18 - Plans, Specifications, and Cost Estimates.
  • Be prequalified in MassDOT A&E Board's "S3- Layout Document Preparation" category.

Layout plans and easement plans are drawn on 16 inch by 36 inch mylar sheets at a scale of 1" = 20' or 1" = 40'.

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