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Learn about blue sharks

Blue sharks are common throughout the world and are targeted as a sport fish. Read on to learn more about these sharks.


  • Blue sharks can get up to 13 feet in length but generally are closer to 10 feet long. They have a deep blue color dorsally, which fades to light blue on the sides and white on the belly. They have slender bodies with large eyes and a cone shaped snout. 
Blue shark

Blue shark facts

  • Species name: Prionace glauca
  • Blue sharks are part of the Requiem shark family.
  • They prey on many things including:
    • Herring
    • Squid
    • Cuttlefish
    • Smaller sharks
    • Sea birds
    • Carrion
    • Garbage
  • Young blue sharks are preyed upon by larger pelagic predators.
  • White sharks and shortfin mako sharks are a few of the animals that prey on adult blue sharks.
  • Blue sharks birth live young that hatch internally. The gestation period is 9–12 months. 
  • Average blue shark litters are 25–50 pups, but can get up to 135 pups. The health and size of the female are what determine the litter size.
  • Blue shark pups are 16–20 inches long at birth, and are born in central and eastern areas of the North Atlantic ocean.
  • Commercial fisheries don't target blue sharks in the United States.
  • Blue sharks cover most of the ocean except for the Arctic and southern oceans. 
blue shark distribution map

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Angling tips

  • Sport fishermen often target blue sharks as they are easy to catch and spend time swimming around boats. You should use a sturdy rod and a traditional larger reel. Herring or bluefish are good bait fish.
  • You will have an easier time reeling in a shark if you use a fighting belt and a back harness.
  • Blue sharks may roll when hooked, so you should keep the line tense to prevent rolling. However, if a shark rolls, guide it to roll in the opposite direction by pulling the wire up using thick leather gloves.

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