Learn about the foster care placement process

Every child deserves a nurturing, stable home. Learn how children are placed with foster parents.


Once you’re approved to provide foster care, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) works hard to find the most suitable match between your family and a foster child.

DCF takes into account your family’s strengths and limitations as identified in your pre-licensing home study. The child’s personality, background, and emotional or physical needs also are considered.

The decision to open your heart and home to a foster child ultimately rests with you.

The process

  1. A family resource worker contacts you about taking in a child.

    Ask DCF as many questions as you need to, and talk with your family members about the child’s potential placement. 

  2. DCF sets up a pre-placement visit if possible.

    This may not be possible if a child needs immediate placement.

  3. If you decide to accept the child into your home, you sign a child placement agreement.

    The agreement is breaks down into 3 parts:

  • Information about the foster child, including:
    • Legal status
    • Placement reasons and history
    • Education
    • Medical and psychological needs
    • Family visitation schedule
    • Transportation needs
  • A summary of your responsibilities as a foster parent, as well as those of DCF and the social worker assigned to your case.
    • Includes the foster care reimbursement rate for the child and the need for any supplemental reimbursement services.
    • Signed by you, the family resource worker, and the child’s social worker.
  • A form to be completed every 6 months with your family resource worker to ensure the child’s service and medical needs are being met. 


After a child has been placed in your home, your family resource worker and the child’s social worker will both visit your home to answer questions, and provide information and support.

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