Learn about the responsibilities of a conservator of a protected person

Find out what your responsibilities are if you're appointed as conservator of a protected person (an incapacitated adult).

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What are my responsibilities as a conservator?

Once you're approved by the court as a conservator for a protected person, these are your responsibilities. 

  • To serve as a fiduciary responsible for managing the protected person’s property, but only as the court authorized in the decree. 
  • To encourage the protected person to participate in decisions, act on their own behalf, and regain the ability to manage their estate and business matters to the extent possible.
  • To tell the court if your address or the protected person’s address change.
  • To tell the court if the protected person dies by filing a copy of their death certificate and a final account.

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What forms do I need to file as a conservator?

As a conservator, you may need to file these forms.


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