Learn how to submit Numbered Resident Lists and Files

Find out how city and town clerks should submit Numbered Resident Files for Master Juror Lists

The vast majority of cities and towns choose to use the Secretary of State's Voter Registry Information System (VRIS) to submit their Numbered Resident File (NRF) for the Master Juror List.

If you are using VRIS, or any other agent, please be sure that your data is as accurate, inclusive, and current as possible. If you choose to submit your NRF directly, then it must be formatted according to OJC Regulation 2.

What happens if I fail to submit complete or timely data?

The municipalities are required by law to submit complete and accurate Numbered Resident Files (NRF’s) to the Office Of Jury Commissioner (OJC) on or before June 1st of every year. The OJC is required by law to use this data to create the Master Juror Lists each year.

If the data is not submitted on time, or if it does not appear to be complete, the OJC will contact the clerk. If the issue is not resolved, the OJC will take all steps necessary, including legal action if required, to compel compliance with the law.

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The requirements for public inspection of the Prospective Juror List

By law, the Office of Jury Commissioner (OJC) is required to submit a Prospective Juror List (PJL) to each city and town clerk after the Master Juror List for that city or town’s judicial district has been created. The PJL lists each town resident who may be summoned for jury duty in the following year.

Pursuant to MGL c.234A, § 15, this list is a public record that must be made available by the city or town clerk for public inspection. The OJC will submit this list to the clerk electronically. The clerk may want to make the list available for public inspection when it's requested, rather than printing or otherwise posting the entire list at the town hall or on the town website, due to the personal nature of the information on the list.

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