Learn what steps you need to follow before you start deleading work

Before you start deleading, it is important that you follow these steps.

    After taking your final deleading quiz, you will be sent an authorization number in the mail. With this authorization number, you will receive a Deleading Notification Form. Complete this form, and return it to the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.

    1. If you are doing deleading work yourself, make sure you have the right authorization number
    2. If you are hiring a contractor, make sure the contractor's license is for deleading and is current
    3. Complete the deleading notification form
    4. Prepare for occupancy restrictions and contaminant requirements reviewed in the trainings or by your licensed deleader

    Who do I notify?

    10 calender days before you begin deleading, the following people must be notified:

    Additionally, if the home is on the State Register of Historic Places, call the MA Historical Commission.

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    Deleading invoice

    If you did low or moderate risk work, you must complete this form with your authorization number.

    When the deleading is complete, a licensed lead inspector will inspect the home for final check. The inspector will check to see that the work was done properly and will collect your deleading invoice. Make sure all the information is correct on the form.

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