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Louis Brown

Apr 13, 1978 - Dec 20, 1993

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Louis Brown

Son of former Garden of Peace board member, Clementina M. Chery

Louis David Brown was 15 and a tenth grader at West Roxbury High School in the fall of 1993. College was high on his agenda, then graduate school, where he intended to earn a doctoral degree in aerodynamic engineering. But his long-term goal, the one he talked about a lot with his family, friends and teachers was to become the first black – and youngest – President of the United States.

But big as his dreams were, and as hard as he pursued them, his dreams were shattered just as he was starting to firm them up. On December 20, 1993, on his way to the Christmas party of the group, Teens Against Gang Violence, Louis was shot and killed. He was caught in a gunfight just as he was about to enter the subway ramp in Fields Corner Station. It was in the middle of the afternoon, five days before Christmas.