Maintain your MassDOT field welder certification

Conditions to maintaining your MassDOT field welder certification.

To remain current in certification

HELPFUL HINT: It is strongly recommended that you take a picture of your green card, front and back, after each signature in case of loss or theft

You must weld in each process you are certified in at least once every six months. You must document this on your Welder Certificate (Green Card) by getting a signature from one of the following:

  • Resident engineer on the job you welded on
  • Clerk of the Works
  • Superintendent
  • Any person in a supervisory role who can attest that you welded in that process
  • The signature line on the back of the card includes signature, project, date and process. This should be filled out legibly

When all signature lines are filled

  • To avoid lapse in certification status, as soon as the last signature line is filled, send in your card for replacement
  • Green card renewals will be processed in the order received
  • Do not add lines to the card
  • MAIL the ORIGINAL card to MassDOT Metals Control
  • We highly recommend that you make a copy of your Green Card prior to submitting it in case it gets lost in the mail
  • Please include contact phone number and email address with a self-addressed return envelope
  • IF MassDOT metals control determines that you are current, a new Green Card will be issued. The date on the new Green Card will be the same as the last dated signature
  • We will contact you if there are any issues
  • Mail all required documentation to:
    • MassDOT
      10 Park Plaza, Room 7110
      Boston, MA 02116
      ATTN: Michael Leonard, Metals Control Engineer
  • All other inquiries should be sent to



Inquiries pertaining to MassDOT bridge welding and approved fabricators


Michael Leonard, Metals Control Engineer
10 Park Plaza
Room 7110, Bridge Section
Boston, MA 02116

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