Marijuana and your kids

Before you talk with your kids, it’s good to know the facts. Find out about the state’s marijuana laws, the effects marijuana can have on the health of your child, and some suggestions on ways to discuss marijuana.

Harms of using marijuana

Harms of Using Marijuana

  • If your son or daughter uses marijuana at a young age, they can get into problems now, and down the line.
  • It is still against the law for youth under the age of 21 to use marijuana for non-medical reasons.
  • Research on marijuana use among youth has revealed some powerful findings. Read more in theNew England Journal of Medicine.
    • Youth who have used it heavily have decreased lifetime achievement.
    • Some studies have shown marijuana to be addictive, and to increase symptoms of chronic bronchitis.

Action tips to prevent marijuana use

Children in middle school and high school are at very different stages of their lives – so there are different ways to use your Parent Power to prevent them from using marijuana for recreational purposes.

Choose the grade level of your child to learn more:

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