Mass. General Laws c.132A § 2D

Development and improvement; powers of commissioner

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  • Amended by St.1993, c. 151, § 42
  • Amended by St.2015, c. 132
  • Amended by St.2018, c. 209, § 66, effective November 7, 2018

Section 2D

In the development and improvement of state parks, state forest recreation areas and state reservations, the commissioner is hereby authorized and empowered:--

(1) To acquire, plan, construct, maintain and operate public recreational facilities, including roads, areas for parking, picknicking and camping, provisions for swimming, wading, boating, outdoor games, winter sports, horseback riding, bicycling and hiking trails, nature study, rest areas, outlooks, comfort stations, food accommodations and such other facilities as the commissioner deems necessary and desirable and consistent with the policy of the commonwealth, as set forth in section two B.

(2) To impose and collect such charges and fees for the use of the lands, buildings, facilities and equipment enumerated in subdivision (1) as may be necessary to defray in so far as practicable the cost of such developments and improvements, including costs of maintenance and operation and bond amortization and interest and to revise said fees and charges from time to time. A disabled veteran, a Purple Heart recipient or a handicapped person whose vehicle bears the distinctive type number plate authorized by section two of chapter ninety shall not be required to pay the charges or fees imposed under the provisions of this subdivision. The commissioner may also offer discounts or waive charges or fees for parking passes for veterans as defined in section 6A of chapter 115.

(3) To designate such areas as may be used in season for hunting and fishing.

(4) To effect improvements at public recreation facilities, including improvements through the commonwealth's shared energy savings program and to expend, without further appropriation, monies received as a result of the improvements from a trust for facilities, the costs associated with said improvements, including contingency costs authorized under section forty-three F of chapter seven. The department shall develop and submit to the secretary of administration and finance and the house and senate committees on ways and means an analysis of all expenditures from said trust on or before each September first for the prior fiscal year.

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