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Mass. General Laws c.176A § 8HH

Preauthorization for substance abuse treatment not to be required

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Section 8HH

For the purposes of this section the term “substance abuse treatment” shall include: early intervention services for substance use disorder treatment; a substance use disorder evaluation, as defined in section 51 ½ of chapter 111; outpatient services including medically assisted therapies; intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization services; residential or inpatient services, not covered under section 8II; and medically managed intensive inpatient services, not covered under said section 8II.

Any contract between a subscriber and the corporation under an individual or group hospital service plan which is delivered, issued or renewed within the commonwealth shall not require a member to obtain a preauthorization for substance abuse treatment if the provider is certified or licensed by the department of public health.



Within Massachusetts only

Within Massachusetts only


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