MassAchieve FAQs

Common questions, answers and tips about MassAchieve

MassAchieve provides online learning resources for Commonwealth employees

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How do I login to MassAchieve?

To login, please click MassAchieve, or enter in your browser.

Are you a new Commonwealth executive department employees? Please refer to the welcome email you received from "MassCareers" that contains your temporary login information.  

Already have your login information? Bookmark MassAchieve for quick and easy access.

Commonwealth executive department employees may also contact or contact the Employee Service Center (ESC) at 617-979-8500 or TTY: 617-248-0546 for basic user support. 

What if I forgot or need to change my password? 

Please use the ‘forgot password’ option on the MassAchieve login page

Who can access MassAchieve?

MassAchieve was launched with a focus on serving the learning needs of Commonwealth executive department agency employees. 

I'm a new employees, how do I get access to MassAchieve and my required trainings?

Welcome! Once your executive department agency HR director adds your information into our HR information systems ("HRCMS", the Commonwealth’s payroll system) you will receive an email from MassCareers (the Commonwealth's hiring portal) that includes temporary login credentials for MassAchieve. It also includes details about your Commonwealth required training assignments. MassAchieve employee notifications are sent to the ‘business email’ that is listed in your HRCMS record.  

As a new employee, you'll have 30 days from the date of the MassAchieve training assignment to complete all of your required statewide trainings.

Who is my MassAchieve Learning Administrator?

Updated: November 14, 2022

How will a manager know if required trainings have been assigned to their employees?

As a manager or supervisor, you can view all of your employees’ transcripts and training activity, including new employees who have been added to the HRCMS system by your agency’s HR staff. Watch this video to learn more.

Who do I contact if I need login support for MassAchieve or have other technical issues? 

Please email or contact the Employee Service Center at 617-979-8500 or TTY: 617-248-0546. 

What if I forgot or need to change my password? 

Please use the ‘forgot password’ option on the MassAchieve login page

How do I get online help when I'm in MassAchieve? 

Every page in MassAchieve features a help link, it is a question mark (" ? ") followed by the word "Help.". You can find this help link within the top right navigation menu (see the three horizontal bars.) and scroll down to see the help link located underneath "My Account".

I'm having a challenge launching an online course. What should I try first? 

If you’re having an issue launching a course, it's possible that your web browser may be blocking it. If you launch a course and see in your browser address bar (at the top of your page that shows the URL of the page you are on) that there is a “pop-up blocked” icon, often a yellow or red triangle, please try clicking that icon and select the option to allow the pop-up. 

Is PACE still available?

PACE, the Commonwealth's former learning management system, is no longer available. All required trainings can be found on MassAchieve. 

Why is my agency’s older 3 letter acronym listed in my MassAchieve user record? 

The employee data in MassAchieve comes directly from the state’s accounting system (MMARS/HRCMS) which uses the former "Department Name" for a limited number of agencies. The MassAchieve system cannot change or update this information, and it is only visible on an employee’s user record.

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