Massachusetts Clean Heat Standard

Learn about and participate in the MassDEP initiative to develop a regulatory standard for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil heating fuels.

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The Massachusetts Clean Energy & Climate Plan for 2025 & 2030 (CECP) tasks MassDEP with developing a “a high-level program to meet the emissions limit for residential, commercial, and industrial heating” and identifies a Clean Heat Standard (CHS) as a regulatory option for addressing this requirement.

The Massachusetts CECP for 2050 "focuses on the strategies necessary to deploy electrification at the scale and pace required to meet the Commonwealth’s GHG emission reduction goals by 2050" and tasks MassDEP with establishing a CHS to "require gradual reductions in building emissions."

Further, the Massachusetts Commission on Clean Heat issued a report in November 2022, recommending that MassDEP initiate a regulatory process to establish a CHS.

Stakeholder Input

MassDEP is seeking stakeholder input to inform the development of a proposed CHS regulation and related heating fuel supplier reporting requirements. MassDEP will hold the first CHS Virtual Community Meetings on Tuesday June 20 at 10AM and 6PM. Use the links below to register:

  • Register for the June 20, 10AM meeting here.
  • Register for the June 20, 6PM meeting here.

See Additional Resources below for:

  • A discussion document that includes a general description of the CHS concept, additional background information, and specific questions for stakeholders to consider.
  • "Straw" regulatory language for heating fuel supplier reporting requirements in support of the CHS.
  • Comments received as of May 10, 2023.

Please note, these are conceptual documents and not proposed regulations. MassDEP will first need to complete a rulemaking process and provide additional opportunities for public and stakeholder comment. Additional materials will be posted in the coming weeks, in advance of the meetings.

Comments or questions about the CHS and/or heating fuel supplier reporting? Please submit them to

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