Massachusetts Professional License Renewal FAQs

If you received a Notice of Non-Renewal of Professional License from the Massachusetts DOR, learn how to renew with MassTaxConnect.

Posted: May 12, 2022

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Why did I receive a Non-Renewal of Professional License letter?

Professional licenses and renewals are issued by the Division of Occupational Licensure (DOL).

However, you will receive a DOR Notice of Non-Renewal of Professional License letter if:

  • You owe Massachusetts taxes and/or
  • Have not filed state returns.

You will then need to apply to renew your Professional License with DOR's MassTaxConnect.

How do I renew my Professional License?

Before renewing your Professional License, you should pay all Massachusetts taxes and file state returns.

If you can not pay in full, you should contact DOR's Collections Bureau at 617-887-6400 and speak to a representative about entering into a payment agreement.   

  • Go to the MassTaxConnect homepage.
  • Under Individuals, select Request a Certificate of Good Standing
  • Under Enter Application Type,
    • Go to the right-hand side, under Required,
      • Select Professional License Renewal (not Certificate of Good Standing) 
  • Complete application and submit.

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed. 

How will I know if my Professional License was renewed?

If your renewal application is approved:

If you do not receive confirmation of your renewal, please contact the DOL

Why was my renewal application rejected?

The most common reasons why a renewal application would be rejected:

  • When applying, under the Required dropdown list, incorrectly choosing Certificate of Good Standing instead of Professional License Renewal
    • The Division of Occupational Licensure (DOL) will not accept a Certificate of Good Standing as a substitute for a Professional License Renewal. 
    • DOL only accepts direct notification from DOR when a license has been approved to be renewed.
  • Applicant has not addressed outstanding Massachusetts tax bills and/or unfiled returns.

See How do I renew my Professional License?.


Questions should be directed to:

  • (617) 887-6400
    • Monday - Friday (normal business hours)
    • Choose the Certificate of Good Standing option
      • From here a representative will be able to assist you with license renewal questions. 

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