Massachusetts Trial Court Officer Academy Frequently Asked Questions

A listing of common questions and answers about the Trial Court Officer Academy.

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How long is the Court Officer academy?

8 weeks in total. The first phase of the academy is a mandatory 2-week overnight academy. The remaining 6 weeks will be optional for recruits to stay overnight. Recruits must be able to report on time for training every day.

Am I required to stay overnight at the academy?

Only for the first 2 weeks of training. Training begins on 0700 on Monday mornings and ends approximately at 1630 Friday afternoon. Recruits are allowed to report to the Academy as early as 0630 and shall remain in his/her vehicle until directed otherwise by Academy staff.

What do I have to purchase for the academy?

A full comprehensive equipment list is available on line. Equipment required of recruits to bring are items such as t-shirts, military/police boots, hygiene items, cuff case, uniforms, etc.

Will I have access to my cell phone while at the academy?

All electronic devices are prohibited and will be stored in personal vehicles while at the academy. Recruits will be permitted academy phone use during personal time in the recruit living area. Access to personal cell phones will be granted under extenuating circumstances upon the Academy Commandant’s or Senior Drill Instructor’s authorization.

Will I have to pay for my meals or bring my lunch and snacks?

No. The academy will provide all meals with the exception of breakfast on Monday morning and dinner on Friday evening. Snacks will also be provided.

Do I need to bring my own linens?

All linens and related items will be provided by the Massachusetts State Police Academy. Recruits will be required to bring linens home with them during weekend leave to be laundered, and return Monday morning with the same linens.

What happens if I become ill or injured?

Illness or injury will be evaluated by academy command staff and recommendations will be made according to academy guidelines. Recruits who become ill or injured, and as a result, cannot successfully complete the academy, or miss a number of training days, may be permitted to defer to an upcoming academy class. Please refer to the Recruit Manual for further explanation.

Will my family be able to contact me in a case of an emergency while I am at training?

Yes. Contact information to the Massachusetts State Police academy desk officer will be provided.

Will I be able to take my prescription medications while at the academy?

Yes. Proper paper work and notification will be required. All prescription medication will be locked in a lock box in the recruits living quarters. Prescribed narcotics are not permitted.

What will I be required to wear at the academy?

Uniform of the day will be announced each morning. All uniform and clothing will be included in your packing list.

What type of physical fitness training will be conducted at the academy?

Recruits can expect to participate in a number of different exercises or stretching routines. Recruits will be engaged in calisthenics (mountain climbers, pushups, sit ups, crunches, lunges, planks, etc.), cardiovascular exercises (formation runs, individual runs, and sprint series), instructional strength exercises (utilizing facility equipment) as well as dynamic and static stretching routines. Please refer to the Health & Wellness Program guide.

What happens if I do not pass a component of training?

Successful completion of all required components (physical fitness, educational, defensive tactics etc.) of the academy are required for full time employment with the Massachusetts Trial Court. Recruits who do not successfully complete all required components, will be terminated from the academy.

What types of classes are in the MTC Officer Academy?

Recruits will receive classes in several areas of instruction, including but not limited to: A.L.I.C.E. (Response to an Active Shooter), Oleoresin Capsicum, Defensive Tactics, First Responder, Incident Command Systems (ICS-100), Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Suicide Prevention & Intervention, Drugs: Recognition/Identification-Signs & Symptoms, Mental Health Issues, Naloxone, etc.

Will I be sprayed with Oleoresin Capsicum (O.C.), i.e. pepper spray?

Yes. Recruits will be sprayed with O.C. while in the Academy under the supervision of M.P.T.C Defensive Tactics Instructors.

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