Massachusetts wildlife coloring pages

Coloring and activities for the young and young at heart! Grab your crayons and learn about common and rare species that live in Massachusetts.

Coexisting with common wildlife

Massachusetts is home to an impressive variety of wildlife. Some animals, like coyotes, can be found across the state. People can coexist with wildlife by taking these simple steps: Don't feed wildlife, keep garbage and compost in a secure container, don’t feed pets outside, remove bird feeders, and close off crawl spaces under porches, decks, and sheds. Explore the activity book below to learn more about common species in Massachusetts and how to prevent conflict with wildlife.

Blue-spotted salamander

Bears, Foxes, and Coyotes, Oh My! coloring and activity book

Massachusetts Girl Scout, Abigail, worked with MassWildlife’s Black Bear and Furbearer Biologist, Dave Wattles, to pursue her Girl Scout Gold Award project. When choosing a project that will help fix a problem in her community, Abigail decided to create a coloring book, Bears, Foxes, and Coyotes, Oh My! to raise awareness about how to coexist with wildlife. She also gave a presentation at her local library to encourage her community to take steps to prevent conflict with wildlife.

Threatened and endangered wildlife and plants

Some species of wildlife and plants are much less common. More than 400 plants and animals are rare in Massachusetts. These species are primarily threatened due to habitat loss or degradation. Explore the coloring pages below to learn more about vulnerable wildlife and plants in the Commonwealth.  

Blue-spotted salamander

Blue-spotted salamander coloring page

A species of Special Concern in Massachusetts, Blue-spotted salamanders live underground.

Eastern spadefoot

Eastern spadefoot coloring page

Listed as Threatened in Massachusetts, eastern spadefoots can burrow up to 8 feet underground!

Endangered bats of Massachusetts

Endangered bats of Massachusetts coloring page

Nine species of bats that live in Massachusetts, 5 are listed under MESA as Endangered.

Northern red-bellied cooter

Northern red-bellied cooter

Northern red-bellied cooters are listed as Endangered in Massachusetts and can live for more than 50 years.

Peregrine falcon

Peregrine falcon coloring page

Listed as Threatened in Massachusetts, peregrine falcons are the fastest birds in the world.

Showy lady's-slipper

Showy lady's-slipper coloring page

Listed as Endangered in Massachusetts, showy lady's-slipper flowers are often bright magenta.

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