MassDOT Flood Risk Assessment Objectives

A study to assess the risks of future flooding to MassDOT assets

Project Objectives

This analysis is a planning-level assessment of risks from flooding under future climate scenarios. This study identifies flood exposure for in-state National Highway System (NHS) roads, bridges, and large culverts, MassDOT and MBTA-owned rail, MassDOT facilities, and many public-use airports.

It assesses damage and repair costs, time estimates for repairs, and considers the consequences from loss of service. This effort builds on work done under previous studies by refining developed methodologies, applying them statewide, and integrating MassDOT’s coastal analyses into this statewide risk assessment.

Ultimately, this effort is anticipated to provide critical planning-level statewide flood risk information for specific types of transportation assets. Specifically, this study will estimate “do nothing” costs and qualitative consequences of at-risk transportation assets under future conditions assuming no intervention. This information can be used during the capital planning process to prioritize investments that avoid or reduce long-term climatic impacts associated with flooding.

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