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Matthew Eappen

May 24, 1996 - Feb 9, 1997

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Matthew Eappen

Matty Eappen, born in Boston, joined his 2-year old brother, Brendan in bringing joy to his parents, Debbie and Sunny. Matthew was a butterball: plump and content, with velvet brown eyes dancing like sunlight on waves and straight soft-as-silk black hair. He laughed a great belly laugh, and liked to sing, “da, da, da.”

Matthew loved to snuggle on his mother’s lap, Brendan occupying the other knee. He grew strong from his mother’s milk, and clever from his father’s attention.

Matthew was a victim of shaken impact syndrome. He was violently shaken, and received blunt head trauma at the hands of his au pair, Louise Woodward. He died 5 days later in his parents’ arms.

Matthew would have been 8 yrs old and in third grade now. The Matty Eappen Foundation was established in his honor.