MCPPO Designation Renewal

MCPPO (Massachusetts Certified Public Purchasing Official) or Associate MCPPO Designation holders must earn at least 25 continuing education credits every three years to maintain an active designation.

The MCPPO Designation should not be confused with the School Project Designer and Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) Certification required by Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) regulations.  For more information about this certification, please visit our Certification for OPMs and School Project Designers page.

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How to Apply for Renewal of Your MCPPO or Associate MCPPO Designation

If you are an active designee interested in renewing your MCPPO or Associate MCPPO designation, you must:

  • Successfully complete the MCPPO Designation Renewal class within the 18-month period before your designation expires. You may not retake a core class in place of the renewal class.
  • Earn an additional 11 continuing education (CE) credits before the expiration of your designation, which is three years from the date of issue.
  • The only exception is if you are a designee who must convert your current Supplies and Services or Design and Construction designation (now discontinued) to the MCPPO Designation. In this case, you may take the needed core class instead of the renewal class during your next renewal period.
Note that you may not earn continuing education credits by retaking the same class or training multiple times within the same three-year period.

After you successfully complete the MCPPO Designation Renewal class and receive the required number of continuing education credits:

Applications for the MCPPO Designation must be submitted online. Our online portal is the most secure way to process your application while protecting your personal information.

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Fulfilling Continuing Education Credits

You may satisfy the 11 continuing education (CE) credit requirement by successfully completing OIG Academy classes or by taking other procurement-related* trainings outside the OIG Academy. When you submit your renewal application, we review whether these credits are appropriate.

If the class or training is not procurement-related, credits will not be granted. The same applies for conferences or meetings that do not include procurement-related components. Also, only the actual procurement-related training content will be accepted for credits.  We will award one credit for every 50 minutes of training. We will award partial credits by quarter hour and/or for training content based on whether it is procurement related. For example, if a procurement-related matter is discussed for 15 minutes of a 60-minute training, then we will grant .25 or one-quarter credit. 

You must submit the following with your application. Applications with insufficient supporting documentation will either be subject to processing delays or be rejected.

Include with your application: 

  • Proof of attendance (transcripts or attendance certificates are acceptable) for any procurement-related training.
  • The number of credits earned for any procurement-related training.   
  • A description of the class, training, or curriculum prepared independently by the training provider.

Not accepted:

  • Lists
  • Agendas
  • Cancelled checks
  • Marketing materials

Note: We are working with some professional organizations to pre-approve certain trainings for MCPPO renewal credits. Please check with the organization sponsoring the training you plan to attend to determine if the training has received MCPPO credit approval.  

If the OIG Academy rejects any submitted credits, then you must earn or submit proof of other needed credits within 90 days or in a time period determined by the committee.

Professional Organizations

You may earn only two CE credits in total for every three-year designation period for one active membership of your choosing in any professional association that supports the procurement profession. This includes, but is not limited to, the Massachusetts Association of Public Purchasing Officials (MAPPO), the Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials (MASBO), the Massachusetts Facilities Administrators Association (MFAA) or similar professional organizations.

Please submit proof of membership with your renewal application. Note that we no longer grant additional credits for organizational members who hold leadership positions. 

Professional Contributions and Education

You may also earn MCPPO CE credits by contributing procurement-related articles, frequently-asked questions (FAQs) or other work products for publication in the OIG Bulletin (formerly known as the Procurement Bulletin).

You can earn credits for presenting in or for contributing to OIG Academy classes or trainings. 

Up to six credits will be granted for any college or graduate school course to the extent that course includes procurement-related content. For example, if the course devoted one three-hour class to contracting, then you can receive three designation renewal credits. Please provide a course syllabus to support the credits. Please only submit classes that relate to procurement. Not all collegiate classes will satisfy the renewal credit requirement.

We will reject any incomplete applications, which could delay your renewal process. Please make sure to satisfy the renewal requirements before submitting your application.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Grace Period

If your MCPPO Designation has expired, you have 90 days from the date of expiration to apply for renewal. Your approved renewal will begin from the date of your expired designation. If your designation expired, and it is beyond the 90-day grace period, then you must retake and pass the exam in each core class:

You may no longer opt out of an exam and still receive class credit.

You may appeal any OIG Academy policy decision by writing to the OIG Academy Administrator at Please note APPEAL in the subject line.  You may also write to the Office at: 

One Ashburton Place – Room 1311
Boston, MA 02108
Attn: MCPPO Program

If you make an appeal after 90 days of a denial or other adverse action, the Program Administrator will address it at their discretion.

OIG Academy Advising Services

We now offer advising services for our OIG Academy participants. 

The OIG Academy advising services can help active and potential OIG Academy participants choose their classes and navigate the designation application and renewal requirements. Our advisors can also assist with choosing which OIG Academy educational path to take. They offer strategies for remaining in good standing with a designation or certification.

We are here to help you with your professional development.

Contact us at and we will have one our staff arrange a virtual meeting with you.

Contact   for MCPPO Designation Renewal

Procurement-related means buying, purchasing, leasing, or otherwise acquiring supplies, services, design services, or construction work. It includes all the functions that relate to such acquisition, including description of requirements, selection of sources, solicitation and evaluation of offers, contract preparation and award, and all phases of contract administration performed.

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