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Molly Bish

Aug 2, 1983 - Aug 2, 2003

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Molly Bish

Molly, the youngest of three siblings, was 16 when she was killed. An honor roll student, Molly had just completed her junior year of high school. She played soccer, basketball and softball. Funny and social, Molly loved everyone. She was a blend of “Lucy” and “Forest Gump.”

Just eight days after beginning her new job as a lifeguard at Cummins Pond, Molly was abducted. After three years of fear and the unknown, her bathing suit was found in a wooded area five miles away from the pond. In the weeks that followed, her remains were found and she came home bone-by-bone. Molly was laid to rest on her birthday, August 2, 2003.

Although a grand jury has been convened, no one has yet been charged with Molly’s abduction and murder.

A quote from Molly: “I love life.”