MRC Ombudsman

The MRC ombudsman reviews complaints, and works with consumers and staff to open lines of communication and negotiate solutions.


The ombudsman is a Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) staff member who functions as a customer relations liaison between the consumer and the commission. He or she provides appropriate assistance and support to people with disabilities.

The ombudsman responds to inquiries from a variety of agencies and individuals. The ombudsman may be contacted by the consumer, a family member, a CAP advocate, medical personnel, or MRC staff. Consumer concerns vary widely and might be about issues such as delays in service, their legal rights within the system, or provision of specialized services.

The ombudsman, after reviewing a complaint, works with consumers and MRC staff by opening up the communication process and providing problem-solving negotiations.

If an issue cannot be resolved with the assistance of the ombudsman, then the consumer may take advantage of their options through an appeals process, such as an informal administrative review, mediation or an impartial fair hearing.

MRC also makes determinations of eligibility on disability claims through its Disability Determination Services (DDS). The ombudsman provides assistance to Social Security claimants. 

The ombudsperson may be contacted by telephone at (617) 204-3603, by email at, or by writing to the MRC main office at:

600 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02111

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