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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for HR/CMS Core Users

EOTSS is integrating HR/CMS with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ identity and access management (IAM) application, Idaptive. This integration will enhance security of the state’s IT systems.

Login to HR/CMS - MFA


Benefits of this security enhancement:

  • Enable multi-factor authentication: MFA will provide an additional way to verify your identity and align HR/CMS with cybersecurity industry best practices;
  • Allow you, as core users, to login to HR/CMS without VPN;
  • Improve authentication: Idaptive will strengthen the process of verifying an HR/CMS core user’s identity;
  • Introduce self-service password reset: Idaptive will allow core users, once they are set up with MFA, to reset their HR/CMS passwords without calling the help desk.

Questions related to HR/CMS - MFA login can be made to TSS End User Support at (844) 435-7629.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor authentication combines two or more independent factors: e.g., what the user knows (password) and what the user has (security token). Typical MFA examples are:

  • A user enters a password and a code received via text message
  • A user types in a code on their phone after receiving a phone call for authentication
  • A user enters a password and a code from an authenticator application

Why do I need MFA?

Passwords are becoming increasingly vulnerable to hacking. In addition, new technology and recycled passwords for multiple accounts means information online can easily be compromised.   

What MFA factors are supported?

There are three options available for MFA: text message, smart phone application (Google or Microsoft authenticator), and phone call.

How long should it take a user to set up MFA?

It should take 5-10 minutes from start to finish.

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