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Municipal Light Plant Communities

DOER regulations on how cities and towns served by a municipal light plant may qualify for the Green Communities Program

Participation in the Green Communities Program for Municipalities Served by Municipal Light Plants

On September 30, 2022, the legislature passed An Act Relative to Municipal Light Plant Participation in Green Communities (Act), St. 2022, c. 230. The Act creates a new avenue for municipalities that receive electricity service from municipal light plants (MLPs) that serve multiple municipalities to join the Department of Energy Resources’ (Department) Green Communities Designation and Grant Program (Green Communities Program) implemented pursuant to G.L. c. 25A, § 10.

The purpose of 225 CMR 25.00 is to establish the process for communities covered by the Act to join the Green Communities Program. These draft regulations also put into regulation existing Department guidelines about how other types of municipalities served by MLPs may qualify for the Green Communities Program, as there are different ways a municipality served by an MLP may qualify for the Green Communities Program depending on how its residents pay the “Renewable Energy Charge,” a $0.0005 per kWh surcharge on electric bills that funds the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust Fund, established under G.L. c. 23J, § 9. These draft regulations lay out the qualification pathways and required documentation for each type of municipality to qualify as a Green Community.

Draft Regulations Published

DOER has published its draft regulation for public comment.

225 CMR 25.00 - Draft Regulation for Public Comment

A virtual public hearing will be held from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, December 18, 2023. Use this link to join the Zoom meeting.

Verbal and written testimony will be accepted at the hearing; however, parties are requested to provide written copies of their testimony. Written comments will be accepted until 5 pm on December 18, 2023. Please submit written comments to Joanne Bissetta, via email, to joanne.bissetta@mass.gov.

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