MVP Action Grant

Learn more about the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Action Grant

The MVP Action Grant is currently closed to applications. 

The MVP Action Grant offers financial resources to communities that are seeking to advance priority climate adaptation actions to address climate change impacts resulting from extreme weather, sea level rise, inland and coastal flooding, severe heat, and other climate impacts.

Action Grants are open to municipalities who have completed the Community Resilience Building (CRB) process through MVP Planning 1.0 (or another process deemed comparable by EEA) and received “MVP Community” designation from EEA.  Applications from regional partnerships of multiple municipalities are eligible provided that the lead municipal applicant is MVP-designated.

Beyond municipalities who have achieved “MVP Community” status, this RFR is also open to other Commonwealth “political subdivisions” and any authorities, commissions, boards, and instrumentalities of those eligible entities. Such eligible entities should apply for projects that align with priorities in an MVP-approved municipal climate resilience plan and should also include a letter of support from the municipality/ies related to the project. Federally-recognized and state-acknowledged Tribes are also eligible.

All projects are required to provide monthly updates, project deliverables, and a brief project case study communicating lessons learned. The municipality is also required to match 10% of total project cost using cash or in-kind contributions (see RFR for exceptions). All proposals must include the following:

  • Completed application - completed via online form, see RFR for details
  • Project scope/budget
  • Statement of match
  • Letters of support from 1) the landowner for projects of any type (e.g., feasibility, design, permitting, or construction) on land the applicant does not own 2) related municipality/ies for eligible non-municipal applicants (except eligible Tribes) 3) other partners and the public demonstrating support 4) all municipalities if regional project
  • A "Design, Permitting, and Construction" attachment, if applicable
  • Draft Town Meeting or City Council vote language for land acquisition projects, if applicable
  • Appraisal for land acquisition projects, if applicable
  • Climate Resilience Design Standards Tool attachment, if applicable

The MVP program has 10 MVP Core Principles that should be incorporated into MVP Action Grant applications.

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