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Nancy Gillespie

Jun 25, 1956 - Jan 31, 2002

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Nancy Gillespie

Nancy was 46 when she was murdered, allegedly by her husband. To all who knew her, this gave a chilling and grief-filled new meaning to the words, “Domestic Violence” and “Survivors of Homicide.”

Nancy had four children who were her whole life. A great mother, Nancy was also a devoted daughter to her own parents and a best friend to her sister and brothers, aunts, cousins and friends. She was passionate about her religion. She jogged almost daily.

The words in her obituary still ring true: “We never thought when we awoke that morning the sorrow the day would bring. The blow was sudden, the shock severe to part with one we loved so dear.”

As her husband awaits trial, Nancy’s family and friends hope that the punishment will be so severe that it will bring about change - change that may save some other family the devastating effects that “Domestic Violence” has had on Nancy’s family. It is truly a wound that will not heal.