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MRC's Program to Help Youth with Disabilities Start their Career Journey

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What is NextGen Careers?

NextGen Careers is a new initiative that helps young adults fast-track their career journey.  

NextGen-ers are young adults with disabilities, 18-30, who want to make a change in their life. NextGen-ers will learn to advocate for themselves, gain self-confidence, and become self-sufficient on their career path.  

Whether they're interested in a certificate program, on-the-job training, apprenticeship, or an internship in STEM, NextGen will pair them with a team of dedicated experts in counseling, benefits, and peer support that will be behind them every step of the way.  

NextGen-ers, pursue careers on their terms, understanding that it is their choice, their career, and their life. The possibilities are endless.  

NextGen's Self-CAReS   

The NextGen Career program focuses on building career skills and confidence in young adults. It isn't focused on just employment but also builds NextGen-ers' ability to trust themselves and communicate their needs as a person with a disability. 

  • Self-capacity – the confidence in their ability to perform a job  

  • Self-advocacy – having the ability to direct one's own life  

  • Self-realization – understanding of their strengths and limitations  

  • Self-sufficiency – having the ability to work and explore independence  

Our Team  

The NextGen Career team is focused on partnering with job seekers. They are made up of mentors, counselors, benefits advisors, and employment specialists to help NextGen-ers find a career path that best fits them. As a team of experts, they help jobseekers build confidence in themselves and proficiency in skills in whichever field they want to pursue.  

Where We Work  

We meet young adults where they are. The NextGen Career Program focuses on MRC area offices to help reach young adults that may have language and societal boundaries in front of them. They are focused on creating opportunities for those interested in building their career.    

South District – Boston, Roxbury, Braintree  

North District – Lawrence, Lowell  

West District – Springfield, Worcester 

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