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Massachusetts charities, and non-Massachusetts charities operating or soliciting in the state, are required to Register with the AGO and submit Annual Filings (Forms PC), which can now be done using the Online Charity Portal. We strongly encourage use of the Charity Portal, as processing times for both Registrations and Annual Filings submitted through the Portal are shorter than for those submitted in hard copy.

Table of Contents

What can be submitted through the Online Charity Portal?

  1. Initial Charity Registration eForm (only for charities registering with the AGO for the first time)
  2. Annual Filings, including Forms PC and attachments (due 4.5 months after charity’s fiscal year end; 6 month extensions available if charity is in compliance)
  3. Payments for Initial Charity Registration and Annual Filings
  4. PDFs of additional documentation (such as address updates and revised governing documents)

What cannot be submitted through the Online Charity Portal?

How do I get started on the Online Charity Portal?

Our Charity Portal is new, so please use the resources available here to help you get set up with a login and get oriented with its use.  The short training videos linked below, as well as the FAQ document, provide answers to common questions that filers ask while using the Portal. 

Click here to access the Charity Portal.

Charity Portal instruction manual, click here.  

FAQ document, click here.  

Here are several short training videos to support your Charity Portal use:

If you have reviewed these instructions and training materials and still need assistance, please contact  Emails to are answered in the order in which they have been received. 

Looking to Register with the AGO for the first time?

Organizations that have never filed with the Attorney General's Office (i.e., those that do not currently have an assigned Attorney General Account Number (AG Number)) can take the following steps: 

(Unsure if your charity is already registered?  Please search here.)

  1. Submit the Registration eForm, available here
    • You will need to attach supporting documents such as Articles of Organization or Trust Instrument, Bylaws, and an IRS determination letter (if available).  
  2. Await our reply by email, which will be sent to you after we review your Registration eForm.  If you are properly registering, we will issue you an AG Number in this email. 
  3. Follow our emailed instructions on how to finalize your Registration and pay any required fees through the Charity Portal using your newly issued AG Number.
  4. When your Registration is fully complete, we will email a Certificate of Solicitation (if requested). 

Looking to Submit Your Annual Filings (Form PC and attachments)?

Charities that have been assigned an AG Number and need to submit annual filings (Form PC and attachments) should use the AGO’s online Charity Portal.

(Need to find a charity’s AG Number?  Please search here.)

  • Filers must first create a free Charity Portal account.  
    • Click here for instructions on how to create this account.  Please note that Charity Portal accounts are based on individual email addresses, there is no “charity account.”
  • After creating a Charity Portal account, filers may use it to complete the online Form PC as well as provide electronic signatures and required payments.  The Charity Portal itself is linked here

Paper Submissions Not Recommended

If you still wish to submit your initial registration or annual Form PC via hard copy, please see instructions in the links below.  Registration and annual filing material submitted in paper will experience longer processing times.



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