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Patient Fact Sheets

Fluoride Information and Resources

Fluoride, along with good oral hygiene and healthy eating, prevents tooth decay. The mineral fluoride occurs naturally on earth and is released from rocks into the soil, water, and air. All water contains some fluoride. Fluoride helps to rebuild and strengthen the tooth’s surface, or enamel. By keeping the tooth strong and solid, fluoride stops cavities from forming and can even rebuild the tooth’s surface.

Community Water Fluoridation

Water is “fluoridated” when a public system adjusts the fluoride to a level that is optimal for preventing tooth decay; either by lowering the amount of fluoride in the water or increasing it. Water fluoridation prevents tooth decay by providing frequent and consistent contact with the optimal levels of fluoride.

Topical Fluorides

Fluoride varnish is a topical fluoride treatment that is safe even for use by children drinking fluoridated water and/or taking fluoride supplements. Fluoride treatments help to prevent tooth decay by restoring the minerals that the acids in plaque bacteria would otherwise remove over time.

Dental Insurance/Care Resources

Resources for applying for dental insurance and accessing dental and hygiene clinics that provides reduced cost oral health care.

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