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The Land Court in Boston is the home to many thousands of survey plans associated with registered land throughout Massachusetts. Plans are filed with the court when a complaint for land registration or confirmation is filed, when there are subsequent divisions of registered land, or when registered land is submitted to the Commonwealth’s condominium statute. Land Court judgment plans are drawn by the Survey Division in accordance with the court’s final Order for Judgment in an original registration or confirmation case. Land Court division plans are also available.

All Land Court Survey Division records are available to the public for in-person viewing at the Land Court Survey Division offices located in the Suffolk County Courthouse, 3 Pemberton Square, Boston, 4th Floor.  Members of the public may also view and download plans from the survey plan electronic inventory, if available.  Images available on the Public Access website are free of charge to view and download.  

Land Court Survey Division Public Access website: https://lcsurveyaccess.jud.state.ma.us/ 

For survey plans that are not available on the Public Access website, you may request reproductions of plans from the Survey Division by using the court-provided form and following the procedure below.   

When requesting plans from the court, the requester should specify whether they are seeking: 

  1. Surveyor Plans (also known as “Petitioner’s Plans” or “Linen Plans”);
  2. Land Court Plans (also known as “Judgment Plans” or “Decree Plans”);
  3. Or both.

The fees for Surveyor Plans are $5/sheet and for Land Court Plans are $1/sheet.  Payments for reproductions may be made online, by mail, or in-person at the Land Court Recorder’s Office. Please follow the procedure below.

Table of Contents

Procedure Steps

- Submit a Plan Order Request Form to the Land Court


  1. Download the Land Court Survey Division Plan Order Request Form from the court’s website.
    1. Fill in your contact information on the form. 
    2. Specify the format you are requesting for delivery or pickup (print or website download from https://lcsurveyaccess.jud.state.ma.us/).
    3. Include the plan numbers and plan types requested (“Surveyor,” “Land Court,” or both), the city/town, and any relevant comments.  If requesting more than one plan, list them in numerical order.
    4. Choose how you will pay for the plans: online (convenience fees apply), by mail (check only), or in-person at the Land Court Recorder’s Office. 
    5. Sign and date the form. 
    6. The gray portions of the form will be completed by the Survey Division. 
  2. Email the Plan Order Request Form to: LandCourt.PlanOrder@jud.state.ma.us or Fax to: (617) 788-8954

- Survey Division Staff Will Return a Completed Form

  1. Survey Division staff will review the request and may contact the requestor for more information, if needed. 
  2. Survey Division staff will return the Plan Order Request Form to the requestor by email with all portions completed and the “grand total” due for reproducing the plans. A reference number will be included at the top of the form.
  3. The requestor must pay for the plans ordered before the Survey Division will prepare the reproductions.

- Pay for the Plan Reproductions – 3 Options

  1. Pay Online by credit card or eCheck at www.govhub.com/ma/landcourt/pay
    1. Convenience fees (not retained by the court) apply: 
      1. Credit Card: The greater of 2.29% of the total or $0.50 per transaction
      2. eCheck: $0.40 per transaction
    2. The online payment site will require entry of the “LCPLAN” reference number and the total amount due.  The grand total on the Print Order Request Form may be entered as a single payment amount entry. 
    3. Once entered, click “Pay Now” to proceed to checkout.
    4. Complete all required contact information.
    5. Enter payment information – either credit card or bank routing/account numbers.
      1. You may save your payment information and create an account for faster checkout in the future. 
    6. Complete and confirm all required information, including acknowledgment of the terms of service, then select “Review Payment.”
    7. On the final page, click “Confirm Payment.”  A confirmation number will be generated, and a confirmation receipt will be emailed for your records.
    8. The Land Court Survey Division will receive confirmation that your payment has been received and may begin to process your order. 
  2. Pay by mail (check only, payable to “Commonwealth of Massachusetts”)
    1. Mail two copies of the completed Print Order Request Form along with a check made out to the “Commonwealth of Massachusetts” to:

Land Court, Attn: Survey Print Orders
Three Pemberton Square, 5th Floor,
Boston, MA 02110

  1. Pay in-person at the Land Court Recorder’s Office in Boston (cash, check, or credit card)

- Receive the Survey Plan Reproductions

  1. Once payment has been received by the court, the plans will be made available for download, mailed, or left for pickup at the Land Court Recorder’s Office.
  2. Contact the Land Court Survey Division at LandCourt.PlanOrder@jud.state.ma.us for any questions or for additional information.

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