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Land Court

The Land Court hears a wide range of cases involving real estate and land use, and oversees the Commonwealth’s system for the registration of title to real property.

Land Court Virtual Recorder’s Office

Beginning Monday, August 31, 2020, you can receive “virtual” face-to-face front counter assistance from Land Court Recorder’s Office staff while remaining in the safety of your own home or office. To learn more, please visit Land Court Virtual Recorder’s Office

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3 Pemberton Square, Boston, MA 02108


(617) 788-8951

Who we serve

The Land Court’s mission is to provide an accessible forum where specialized expertise is applied to resolve civil matters and disputes involving the ownership, development, and use of real property (i.e. Land). The seven justices of the Land Court sit in Boston and hear cases involving real property located in every part of Massachusetts. Typical Land Court cases concern: land title disputes--about ownership, easements, and property boundaries; zoning and subdivision appeals, challenges and enforcement proceedings; real estate tax and mortgage foreclosures; actions to enforce contracts to buy and sell real estate; partition proceedings; cases to interpret and reform conveyancing instruments, and generally cases seeking equitable and declaratory relief where real estate title interests are involved. Additionally, the Land Court hears cases to determine the military status of mortgagors, and the foreclosure and redemption of real estate tax liens. The Land Court also has superintendence authority over the registered land offices in the county Registries of Deeds, and daily plays an important role in facilitating the transfer of registered land property ownership.

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