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Operational Services Division Staff Directory

The following is a list of OSDs staff alphabetically by last name as well as connection to other OSD Programs and Services.

Members of the media, please contact Danielle Frizzi at Danielle.Frizzi@mass.gov or 617-720-3167.

Table of Contents


Aalpoel, Susan

Events Manager

Adames, Jennifer

Director of Operations

Anantaneni, Vijaya

Database Analyst

Andrade, Kevin

Supervisor of Print Services

Araiza, Marissa

Strategic Contract Coordinator

Atallah, Zazy

Sustainability and Climate Procurement Data Manager

Ausman, Mukemil

Contract Auditor

Barros, Steven

Counsel II

Barry, Michael

Strategic Contract Manager

Batakis, Rich

Assistant Director of Data Center Services

Bedau, Guy

Vehicle Acquisition Specialist

Bennett, Ann Maria

Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager

Bransfield, Robert

Print Specialist

Brogna, Matthew

Broussard, Michelle

Manager of Alternative Fuel Vehicle Programs

Brown, Jacquiline

Director of SPED Pricing & Financial Compliance

Bucklin, Matthew


Bunnell, Ted

Surplus Property Coordinator

Burke, Patricia

Local Government Enablement Account Manager

Burton-Rogers, Dacia

Strategic Sourcing Services Coordinator

Callahan, Kevin

Forms Designs Analyst

Canela, Jennifer

Strategic Development Manager

Cardillo, Edward

Print Specialist

Chase, Daniel

Help Desk Specialist

Chen, Janice

Senior Auditor

Clarke, Camille

Strategic Contract Manager

Coccia, John

Manager of Print and Mail Services

Contardo, Jessica

Supervisor of Mail Services

Corbin, Sean

Strategic Contract Manager

Crim, Patrick

Business Analyst for Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Cushman, Cheryl

Deputy Fleet Administrator

Dawson, Gerard

Strategic Development Manager

Devlin, Edward

CPS Manager

Do, Yen

UCP Accountant

Doherty, John

Data Analyst

Doughty, Leslie


Durran, Colleen

Legal Executive Assistant

Dyer, Francklin

Print Specialist


Ellis, Donna

Procurement Coordinator

Evers, Michael

Help Desk Supervisor

Fawale, Favour

Operations Specialist

Ferdinand, Amanda

Strategic Contract Manager

Finklea, Patricia

Help Desk Support Agent

Flanagan-Lanier, Joshua

Strategic Sourcing Development Manager

Fleser, Donna

Executive Assistant

Forsey, Jennifer

Local Government Enablement Account Manager

Foster, Lydia

Marketing and Communications Manager

Frizzi, Danielle

Director of Marketing and Communications and Events

Gasson, Jonathan

Senior Data Analyst

Gasson, Kristina

General Counsel

Gibo, Gianna

Functional Analyst

Gollobin, Kelly

Systems and Policy Trainer

Griffin, Jessica

Benefits and Payroll Coordinator

Hallinan, William

Graphic Arts Technician

Hannan, Sherri

Compliance Analyst

Harriman, Gary

Director of Print Mail Operations

Huber, Ryan

Data Analyst

Hunt, Lori

Strategic Sourcing Coordinator

Hynes, Marice

Print Specialist


Imbert, Marie

Senior Auditor

Isimbi, Laurene

Telematics Program Coordinator

Johnson, Ryan

Strategic Contract Manager

Jones, Scott

Director of Training

Kennedy, Tim

Director of Strategic Sourcing

Kommuri, Charan


Labbe, Ryan

Business Analyst

Lambert, Gary

Assistant Secretary for Operational Services

Larson, Swen

Lot Coordinator

Lebert, Hayley

Strategic Sourcing Services Coordinator

Lockett, Anna

Marketing Coordinator

Lyons, Jennifer

Deputy General Counsel


MacEvitt, Marge

Strategic Contract Manager

Marra, Andrew

Data Specialist

Martin, Paul G.


McLaughlin, Grace

Accounts Payable

McPhail, Kimberly

Catalog Program Manager

Mejia, Michael

Help Desk Customer Service Agent

Micozzi, Vincent

Director of Fleet Policy and Administration

Miller, Raphaela

Administrative Assistant OVM & SSPO

Minichello, Kelly

Strategic Development Manager

Murphy, Eric

Director of Sales & Help Desk

Najarian, Mark

Offset Duplic. Machine Opr. II

Needham, Jackie

Local Government Enablement Account Manager

Nguyen, Nhi

Graphic Design Coordinator

O'Rourke, Renee


Ouakar, Khaoula

Office Manager

Owens, Sayuri

Deputy Director of Strategic Sourcing Services

Paskevich, Laurie

Chief Financial Officer

Patel, Ashish

Strategic Sourcing Solutions Manager

Phillips, Michael

Analytics Lead

Piccutio, David

Offset Duplic. Machine Opr. II

Pierce, Ashley

Human Resources Manager

Pierre DePeiza, Suzzanne

Strategic Sourcing Specialist

Powers, Erin

Training Supervisor


Ramarao, Arun

Director of Performance Analytics

Randall, Marissa

Marketing and Communication Manager

Rasnick, Karen

Lease Administrator

Reeves, Tanya

Strategic Sourcing Development Manager



Reid, James

Senior Help Desk Customer Service Agent

Richards, Mark

Strategic Sourcing Development Manager



Roberts, Patrick

Digital Production Operator

Rostamnezhad, Reann

Strategic Sourcing Coordinator

Santana, Nikki

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Shallop, Tanya

Chief Administrative Officer

Shpigel, Anna

Deputy Assistant Secretary

Singh, Rajiv

Director of Application Systems

Stein, Miriam

Marketing and Communications Manager

St. Pierre, Nicole

Legal Counsel

Soto, Raydi

Strategic Contract Manager



Surenthra, Jayanthy

Accountant III

Taylor, Cathianne

Executive Assistant

Thomas, Shirley

Print Specialist

Thompson Clark, Kelly

Strategic Contract Manager

Trivedi, Yogita

Telematics Program Manager


Unhao, Steven


Vo, Sonny

Reproduction Services Supervisor

Weekes, David

Print Specialist

Wierzbicki, Agnes

Environmental and Climate Preferable Specification Assistant

Wolfe, Julia

Director of Environmental Purchasing

Young, Sloane

Strategic Development Manager

Zhang, Linda Li

IT Support

OSD Helplines

OSD Help Desk


Open M-F 8am-5pm

Commonwealth Print and Mail Services


Commonwealth Print Services Main Phone Number (617) 720-3340


Commonwealth Print and Mail Services Email cpms@mass.gov

OSD Legal Help

UFR Help Desk




Hours of Operation M-F 9am-5pm

TTY Line (617) 727-2716


(617) 727-4527


One Ashburton Place, Room 1608
Boston, MA 02108-1552

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