Other Benefits Available to Refugees

Additional services available to refugees resettled in Massachusetts

Reception and Placement Services (funded through the United States Department of State directly with resettlement agencies (a.k.a. voluntary agencies (volags)) facilitates the placement of refugees in the United States for resettlement.

During the first 90 days after a refugee's arrival in Massachusetts, resettlement agencies provide basic needs support including:

  • assistance with housing
  • furnishings
  • food and other basic necessities
  • clothing, and
  • transportation to job interviews and job training
  • assistance in applying for social security cards
  • registering children for school
  • using public transportation, facilities, and services
  • community and cultural orientation


Matching Grant Program (funded through the Office of Refugee Resettlement) - The Match Grant Program is a public/private partnership between a resettlement agency and the Office of Refugee Resettlement under which refugee resettlement costs are shared by the government and a local community. Resettlement agencies who resettle refugees under the Match Grant Program provide cash assistance and in-kind support for refugees for an additional 90 days beyond the normal 30-day period for Reception and Placement assistance.

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