Out of State Auctioneers and Reciprocity

Never held an auctioneer license in Massachusetts? See if your state has reciprocity with Massachusetts.

Massachusetts requires that all auctioneers be licensed. To be licensed, you must first attend and successfully complete a certified auction school and obtain a diploma or certificate of completion. Once you have completed your schooling, you can apply to become a licensed auctioneer by completing the application, submitting all required documents that support your application, and submitting an application fee.

If you are a licensed out of state auctioneer looking to obtain your Massachusetts Auctioneer's License and your state has reciprocity with Massachusetts, you will not need to attend a certified school, but you are required to submit proof of completion from the auction school that you attended, along with your application, supporting documents, and fee. Massachusetts has reciprocity with the following states:

  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee


If your state has reciprocity with Massachusetts, you can obtain your auctioneers license by completing the new auctioneer application, obtaining a $10,000 surety bond (bond form), providing a copy of your diploma or certificate of completion, two (2) references, and $100 fee, which can be paid by using a money order, treasurer's check, or cashier's check. Please refer to the application for details.

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