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Overview of the Department of Revenue - Information Security

This section describes the makeup and responsibilities of the Department of Revenue—Information Security

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The Department of Revenue (DOR), an agency within the Executive Office for Administration and Finance (EOAF), was established by Section 1 of Chapter 14 of the Massachusetts General Laws. According to its website,

The DOR’s mission is to gain full compliance with the tax, child support, and municipal finance laws of the Commonwealth. DOR is committed to enforcing these laws in a fair-minded and respectful manner.

DOR has four main divisions: Tax Administration, Child Support Enforcement, the Division of Local Services (DLS), and the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program. The focus of DOR’s tax administration function is to manage the Commonwealth’s tax collection, and the focus of DOR’s child support function is to establish paternity and administer child support orders. Additionally, DOR helps cities and towns manage their finances through DLS. Finally, the UST Program was established to administer the Massachusetts Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Product Cleanup Fund, created in 1991 under Chapter 21J of the General Laws.

The Executive Office of Technology Services and Security’s (EOTSS’s) predecessor agency was the Massachusetts Office of Information Technology, which had a supervisory role over information technology (IT) at executive branch agencies within the Commonwealth. On August 1, 2017, EOTSS was formed by the Governor with the goal of consolidating more IT functions in executive branch agencies into a central agency. This was called the One Network initiative.

EOTSS and EOAF manage DOR’s IT services. Although EOTSS has had an increasing role in DOR’s IT Department, DOR is still responsible for establishing controls to ensure the proper safeguarding of the information it collects and retains in its systems.

Date published: December 13, 2019