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PACE Approved Programs

List of Approved Programs

Approved Training List

Click the above link titled Approved List to find the current listing of Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education (PACE) training opportunities that have been approved by the Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR). This list is updated on an on needed basis.

In addition to the list above titled Approved Training List, recertification/revalidation training workshops sponsored and co-sponsored by UMass Extension are offered and available to help you maintain your pesticide certification or license. 

UMass Recertification Training Website


For additional information about the UMass Extension training programs, contact the Pesticide Education Office at 413-545-1044. These education opportunities will enable you to maintain and enhance your knowledge and while at the same time keep up-to-date your pesticide certification or license.

These lists provide information to be able to obtain further details about the approved educational offerings (Note: You may need to drag/scroll to the right the bottom bar on your screen to find contact person and telephone number). The variety of educational opportunities available include but are not limited to standard classroom lecture type courses, correspondence courses, computer on-line, CD-Rom, and satellite broadcast. All approved training must be open to the public.

For computer or online courses, you must receive a form that has the state letterhead on the top of the form to validate this training or pass any audit.

Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education (PACE) training opportunities are held more frequently during fall, winter, and early spring. As a result, opportunities to attend training will be few if any programs offered during the pesticide use time of year.  You may have a hard time finding training in the summer when the Department sends out continuing education audits or when the audits are due. The list enables you to find training to attend in order to obtain the required pesticide hours/credits prior to being audited. Please plan accordingly to make sure you maintain contact hours/credits during the less busy times of year before you are audited to verify proof of contact hours/credits within the required three-year period. The Department continues to maintain a policy that recertification/revalidation of your pesticide credential is done through the submission of original certificates in hard-copy format for all contact hours accrued during the recertification/revalidation period.

Don’t get caught short! Attend “sooner than later” as many approved educational opportunities each year in order to maintain your pesticide certification or license so that you can pass any continuing education audit. If you cannot verify that you met the requirements, you cannot receive a pesticide certification or license renewal and your only option is to re-take the state pesticide exam(s).

Within a three (3) year period you need to attend approved training and obtain:

  • 6 contact hours/credits for a Commercial Applicator License (Core)
  • 12 contact hours/credits for a Private Certification (each category)
  • 12 contact hours/credits for a Commercial Certification (each category)
  • 3 contact hours/credits for a Dealer License
  • Only half of your required contact hours can be obtained through an “On Demand Training”

Note: 1 contact hour=50 consecutive training minutes

Pace Regulations

When you attend or participate at an approved PACE or UMass sponsored program, you are responsible to make sure you receive a hard copy of the approved attendance certificate to verify your attendance. Keep it in a safe place, but one that is easily accessible by you. You might even consider keeping extra copies in another location too. It is very important to save the certificate you receive since this is your proof that you attended an approved PACE program. 

Don’t Forget 
When you receive the attendance sheet to print your name and sign the Certificate of attendance! This is the only way it will be valid and satisfy a pesticide credit audit.  Make sure you receive a standard approved certificate of attendance at the training you attend no matter what type of attendance system is being used by the provider or sponsor of the approved training program.

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