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Paul Peterson

Jan 20, 1940 - Oct 14, 1998

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Paul was an intelligent, talented, loving, caring person who sadly fell into the abyss of alcoholism, which cost him his family, job and home and ended with his becoming part of the homeless community. Within this world he made many friends, and also enemies because he was extremely argumentative when drinking. About the time that he got serious about recovery and building a new life, he had an encounter which ended in his brutal murder.

Homicide is always a shock to those who knew and loved the victim and though you find a place to put it away, there remain trigger points that create flashback. Hearing emergency vehicles, news items covering similar situations, seeing a person who reminds you of your loved one, are triggers that do this.

We will always miss the warm, caring, creative brother who was inside the homeless alcoholic. Rest in peace, our brother.