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About pest control

Success in managing pests depends upon a collaborative effort of DCAMM management, building staff, contractors, food service personnel, the pest control contractor, and employees. Procedures include education, minimizing sources of food, water, and access, and requiring a prompt response to complaints by employees and the pest control contractor. 

DCAMM management responsibilities

  • Educating agencies and employees of their responsibility to eliminate food sources that attract and sustain insects and rodents in the workplace;
  • Educating cleaning personnel of their responsibility to eliminate food residues and to use thorough housekeeping practices in the workplace;
  • Educating building occupants of their responsibilities to:
      1. Provide organizational sanitation by eliminating excess paper
      2. Recycle paper and boxes for prompt removal
      3. Store materials off of the floor and away from walls
      4. Maintain closets and files with minimal clutter

Occupant responsibilities

  • Ensuring that food is not left in desks or on desktops or other areas accessible to pests
  • Keeping individual workstations clean
  • Rinsing all soda cans and bottles and storing them in appropriate containers for recycling
  • Removing recycled cans and bottles from offices daily
  • Reporting any pest problems or conditions related to pest problems to Building Operations at 617-727-4100.

Preventative measures

  • Ensuring that all openings in walls and floors are covered
  • Requiring that garage doors in the McCormack Building be closed after hours and as much as possible during working hours
  • Ensuring that the cleaning contractors steam wash loading dock compactors twice per month and wash and disinfect the areas around these areas twice per month or more frequently
  • Ensuring that DCAMM's mechanical contractor promptly repairs all leaks in restroom plumbing, internal drains, or induction units that can sustain existence for insects and pests
  • Contracting with pest control experts who work in areas designated by DCAMM and visit the building three times per week
  • Maintaining written records to track problems and prevent recurrences
  • Evaluating the results of all pest management actions
  • Customer follow-up

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