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Pet Safety

Owning a pet is a big responsibility and our pets depend on us to keep them happy and healthy.
Dog being rescued

Keep your pet safe. Fill out this Emergency Pet Care Form and keep it on your fridge or near your door, just in case the unexpected happens! Emergency Pet Care Form

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Getting ready for the upcoming holiday season? Make sure your pets are ready, too, with these pet safety tips from the Mass Animal Fund!

Additional Resources

Found a Cat?

You’ve spotted an unfamiliar cat in your neighborhood. What should you do?

The Massachusetts Animal Fund has created this “Found a Cat?” poster to help you and other members of your community determine what to do if you’ve found a cat that may be lost or feral. This poster prints 8.5″ x 11″ and is free for use.

Additional Resources

Which plants are non-toxic to cats and dogs?

Want to find out what plants are considered non-toxic to cats/dogs by the ASPCA Poison Control Center? Visit the ASPCA searchable database. For a shortened list of some of our favorite pet-friendly plants check out our Pet Safe Indoor Garden Plants Guide and Indoor Plants Tips and Tricks. 

Pet Safe Plants Brochure 2021

Indoor Plants Tips and Tricks

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