Probationary period

Policy change when the Division of Apprentice Standards registers new companies and/or new "trades".

Probationary period

When an employer decides to register as a sponsor there will be a one year probationary period established for review purposes. When an existing apprentice program sponsor, which can be a person, association, committee, organization, corporation, partnership, trust or other entity operating an apprentice program and in whose name the program is registered with the Division of Apprentice Standards ("Division") decides to register a new trade, there will be a one year probationary period established.

During such waiting period, the Division will review the related training delivery system in order to determine the validity of the program. Specifically, related training classes or correspondence courses will be monitored by our Compliance Officers to determine if the apprentice is actually attending classes or is completing the correspondence lessons and/or required testing. .

If the Division determines that the sponsor of a new program and/or the registered apprentice(s) are not satisfying their training responsibilities during this probationary period, the new program and the apprentice(s) will be cancelled for a minimum of six months. The sponsor must respond within 10 days of receiving the cancellation letter to schedule a hearing with the Director. The decision of the Director will be final.

Once a sponsor has been cancelled for any reason it will be required to start a new application process.

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