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Public access to District Court events in the Wareham Division

Public access to District Court events is available in real time by calling the Public Access Telephone Lines listed below.

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How to listen to a District Court event

To listen to a District Court Department event via a Public Access Telephone Line, follow these steps:

1. Identify the assigned session on the District Court Department’s Daily List Report published on the court’s website (see below example)

Sample District Court daily list

2.    Call the toll free number (listed below) for the assigned session.

3.    When prompted, enter the Participant Passcode, including the # symbol on your telephone.

4.    You will be connected to the audio for the event once the event begins.  You are receiving audio only and will be unable to participate in the event.

Per SJC Rule 1:19, you are strictly prohibited from making any unauthorized recording of the hearing.    

Public access telephone lines

Courtroom name Session name Toll free number Participant code
First session At Plymouth (866) 712-2707 5899967#
Second session At Plymouth (866) 708-2952 6609622#
Juvenile courtroom At Plymouth (866) 917-4527 7382004#



Clerk's Office and Probation Department (508) 295-8300


Clerk's Office (508) 291-6376
Probation Department (508) 291-2931


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Last updated: August 13, 2020