Rabies Protocols and Regulations

Rabies vaccination and quarantine protocols and regulations for animal bites

Rabies Protocol for Dogs and Cats Exposed by Other Domestic Animals

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, Division of Animal Health has jurisdiction over domestic animals that are potentially exposed to rabies by other animals, and domestic animals that have potentially spread the virus by biting or scratching another animal or a person.  

Contact the local Municipal Animal Inspector to report animal bites or other potential rabies exposures:

Municipal Animal Inspector List 

Notice to Municipal Animal Inspector of Possible Exposure to Rabies 

The Massachusetts Department of Animal Health, Division of Epidemiology makes all decisions regarding humans that have been potentially exposed to rabies through an animal scratch or bite.  Any non-domestic animal biting or scratching a human must reported to DPH Epidemiology at 617-983-6800.


Rabies Protocols

For domestic animals that have been bitten, scratched, or potentially exposed to rabies by another domestic animal:  

Rabies Protocol: Domestic Animals Exposed to Another Domestic Animal

For domestic animals that have been bitten, scratched, or potentially exposed to rabies by wildlife:

Rabies Protocol: Domestic Animals Exposed to Wildlife

For dogs and cats that have bitten humans:

Rabies Protocol: Dogs and Cats that Bite Humans

Defining the terms:

Rabies Protocol: Quarantine Definitions

Rabies Protocol: Quarantine Definitions Spanish

Rabies Protocol: Quarantine Definitions French 

Rabies Protocol: Quarantine Definitions Portuguese

Rabies Protocol: Quarantine Definitions Russian

Rabies Protocol: Quarantine Definitions Chinese


Regulations: Prevention of the Spread of Rabies

The Department of Animal Resources, Division of Animal Health enforces regulations regarding the prevention of the spread of rabies found in 330 CMR 10.00

Authority for these actions is found in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 129: Livestock Disease Control.

Rabies Quarantine Transfer Policy Statement

Contact for Rabies Protocols and Regulations

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