Requesting paperwork filed on a Land Court case

How to look at Land Court case files.

Recent cases

Land Court case files contain the paperwork that’s been filed in a case and is available for public inspection. They’re maintained by the Land Court Recorder’s Office, and can be viewed there during the hours that the Recorder’s Office is open to the public.

Older cases

The court maintains more case files than can be stored at the court, so many older cases are stored off-site. Case files currently stored off-site are:

Miscellaneous cases #1-168499
Registration cases #1-35326
Subsequent (by year) 1972 - 2007
Tax cases (closed) #1-124487

There are 3 ways to request that a case file is brought from storage so you can review it at the court.  

  1. Complete the online web form "Request to Order a Case from Off-Site Storage"
  2. Fill out a file retrieval request form at the Recorder’s Office and give it to the clerk at the public counter, or;
  3. Call the Recorder's Office during business hours at (617) 788-7470.  

The request should include:

  • The case type 
  • The docket number 
  • Your name 
  • Your email address (if available) 
  • Your contact number  

When the file is delivered to the court, you’ll receive either an email or phone call from the court saying that the file is available for your review at the Recorder’s Office. All requests must be in no later than Tuesday at noon. Cases will held on site for 2 weeks.

Contact   for Requesting paperwork filed on a Land Court case


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