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Required forms for changing a judgment or temporary order by agreement

A checklist of forms required to modify judgments or temporary orders when parties are in agreement.

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Checklist of required forms

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Form/ Document Name/Number Always Required Required only if...
☐ Joint Petition/Motion (CJD 124)  
☐ Agreement* (CJD 311)  
☐ Proposed Judgment/Temporary Order (CJD 446)  
☐ Written Assent of the Department of Revenue**   ✔ A party or a dependent child is a current recipient of public assistance or owes a past-due child support debt assigned to the Commonwealth, and any term relating to child support or medical insurance is being modified

☐ Financial Statements completed and signed by each party, and counsel, if any***

  ✔ Financial issues are being modified attach supporting documentation (W-2, and 1099 forms for prior year). For additional information, see Rule 401 of the Supplemental Rules of the Probate and Family Court.
☐ Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (CJD 304)   ✔ Child support or medical, dental or vision insurance is being modified
☐ Findings and Determinations for Child Support and Post-Secondary Education (CJD 305)   ✔ Child support is being modified and the parties deviate from the guidelines amount
☐ Affidavit disclosing care or custody proceeding (OCAJ-1 TRC IV)   ✔ The care, custody or visitation of a child is being modified
☐ Affidavit(s)   ✔ (Required by Question 3 and 4 on the Joint Petition/Motion form)
☐ Any other document required by law or rule   ✔ Required by law or court rule

*You may, but are not required to, use Agreement form (CJD 311). The Agreement must be notarized if you are changing a final judgment

**The assent is located on the last page of the Joint Petition/Motion form

***The short financial statement (CJD 301S) is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese 

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