Requirements for related instruction

Rules for related instruction for apprentices

Related instruction for apprentices

According to 453 CMR Section 7.05 #4, the apprentice program sponsor shall ensure that the apprentice receives approximately 150 hours per year of related instruction in all subjects related to the trade. Such instruction may be given in a classroom or through correspondence courses of other forms of self-study, but must be approved by the Director. The sponsor will not necessarily be responsible for paying the cost of the related instruction or any books, other written materials, or supplies necessary for such instruction. Of, however, the apprentice is to be responsible for all or any portion of such costs, the apprentice agreement must contain an explicit statement to that effect.

Credit for previous experience

According to 453 CMR Section 7.04 #1F, a declaration concerning whether the apprentice program sponsor will give credit towards completion of the program for any relevant hands-on training or related instruction which an apprentice may have received while previously participating in other apprentice programs or while employed by previous employers in the relevant occupation, and, if so, the terms and conditions under which such credit will be given.

Credit for previous schooling will be granted in full to those individuals who have previously been registered with the Division of Apprentice Standards, as long as the Sponsor agrees to it. Credit for other related training will be up to the sponsor, but must be approved by DAS.

Proof of schooling is due to the Division of Apprentice Standards by the beginning of October for the Fall of that year and the Spring of the following year. A letter will be sent to all sponsors and must be received by DAS on or before the deadline on the letter. Failure to respond to the related instruction requirement will result in suspension of the program and/or apprentices.

In-house training

Licensed trades - Letter of prior approval from the appropriate licensing board for an in-house training program must accompany request sent to DAS. Once this approval is received from the licensing board, then follow the procedure for the unlicensed trades below.

Unlicensed trades - Any trade that is not licensed must get approval from the Director of the Division of Apprentice Standards. The following is the criteria necessary for approving the in-house training program:

Teacher - must submit proof of six (6) years of experience in the trade, verified by payroll records, or a notarized letter from previous/current employer. If the teacher has a Department of Education Teaching Certificate then that can serve as proof for the teacher.

Curriculum - must be submitted for every year of training to the Director of Apprentice Standards. Training must show 150 hours per year of training. If the trade is licensed the curriculum must have been previously approved by the licensing board.

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